In times of crisis, money lies on the street. Why? Because affliction is the mother of invention and then possibilities open up that were previously hidden… but…

I assert NOW, after the learning experience with a SCAM EXIT, that almost everything that is offered on the Internet is a scam. So if you want to earn extra money, you can’t avoid the scam. As to say: It’s not about avoiding the scam, it’s about smelling the exit before it’s there.

It’s about regaining a lost skill called PURE INTUITION.

Our FEAR of life, fear of death, fear of change and fear of loss is like the dragon that guards the treasure inside the cave, and fear leads to greed.

To get the treasure you have to kill the dragon.

And what is the treasure?

It is our primal trust in life, whereby the pure intuition gives light to every single step. We trust in money, we believe in money. However, the money is not much more than the paper from which the dragon feeds his firespit...


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